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Etisalat is the largest telecommunication corporation in middle-east owned by the emirate telecommunication corporation. It is the largest telecom service provider in the United Arab Emirates and the provider of the largest middle-east internet hubs also. It provides the connectivity to further telecommunications operator. The rewards programs for its valued customers for the great rewards based on the monthly usages. The giant telecommunication corporation announced the promotional offers as the Etisalat more. It offers the double rewards more points to uses the online services. The corporation declares the offers to use the existing online service and the customers will get the double reward points. It includes the mobile bill pay service, recharge service and renew of the mobile wallet.
The customers are defining in three categories such as the more users, more silver users and the more gold users. The customers who use the mobile pay and the auto pay services are also including the promotional offers. The more rewards points are usable in the partner outlet of the company and it can be redeem for various Etisalat service. Etisalat offers the excellent promotional service to maximize your earning rewards points and easily you can make it double. You just need to use the existing the online portal service. Truly the company offers this exclusive promotional service to enhance the usages of the online facility to the users and make the online service popular to the subscribers. They also provide the great opportunity to use the reward point to the other partner outlets. It has more than fifty-five brand outlet partners throughout the United Arab Emirates. The most famous brand partners are Etihad guest, Starbucks, Paris gallery, UAE exchange, Dubai Dolphinarium etc.
The Etisalat more promotional reward programs are eligible for both GSM postpaid and the Wasel prepaid customers. The users of the Etisalat more rewards programs can easily convert their points for the travels within the Etihad airways as a brand outlet partners of the Etisalat more programs. They also can use the more points to get the talk time with the other partner and the Etisalat throughput the country. The conversion of the one guest mile of the Etihad air ways is equal to the 6 Etisalat more reward points. You can earn Etisalat more points by purchasing the cards and using them. The platinum card brings two points, gold brings one and half points and the classic bear the one point each. This rewards point can eligible to buy the free talk time such as 2500 Etisalat more points is equal to the AED 25. So, earn the more points and enjoy yourself.

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